Hey there Dev-Community,

you may know this: You discover a distant relative at an acquaintance. Or a faraway relative writes to you and you want to tell about it. Or one of your relatives gets an offspring. No matter which of the scenarios you might face, sooner or later you will ask yourself how exactly this relation is called.

This is where Relatiive comes in!

Relatiive is an early stage app for Android and web. Currently supporting English and German languages. With Relatiive, you can determine relatives in your family tree and find out their official names.


The app was developed single-handedly with Unity. The potential is still quite high.

This is where you can get involved!

Do you feel like contributing to the open source project Relatiive, then the following options are available for you:

  • Download the app from the Play Store and write an honest review.
  • Contribute by translating into other languages # Teamup
  • Participation through feedback of existing names
  • Participation in the development of features # Teamup
  • Suggestions for upcoming features

I am looking forward to any kind of support and wish you a lot of fun and insight with this app.

You can contact me here at Dev.to, at LucianoJ@posteo.de or in [many other ways](https://lucianojung.de/# contact).

Appstore: Relatiive App Version 1.2

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