While thinking about making a post for people just starting using flutter I realized, that there are already great tutorials on dev.to. So I decided to make a bestOf Flutter posts for beginners.

Just to be clear: None of the authors have offered me any consideration to be mentioned in this post. If an author doesn’t want to be mentioned in this post or if you think a Flutter tutorial is missing, feel free to give me feedback in the comments below.

What is Flutter?

Before you’re starting you may want to know what is Flutter and why should you use it? Gladly Dae Won Kim explaines it really good in his post Top 4 Why Flutter is the BEST. He also discusses some Cons of flutter and gives a brief introduction into the programming language dart (the programming language behind the flutter framework).


For the installation part. Flutter has a really good tutorial themselve. On Flutter.dev it’s shown how to install Flutter on Windows, macOs, Linux or even Chrome OS:

[Getting started with Flutter](https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/install)

Stateless- and Stateful Widgets

A basic concept in flutter each beginner has to understand is the difference between a Stateless- and a Stateful Widgets. Namita Shetty describes in her blogpost StatelessWidget and StatefulWidget in Flutter. short and crisp how they differ from each other and displays an example for each.


When you dive deeper into flutter you will find out, that you can get quite a lot of extensions for various situations. To show you some libraries you must now when starting flutter app development Enrico aka TheOtherDev/s made a really good post called Flutter essentials: get started with great libraries including examples for each package to illustrate its benefits.

If you want to add the packages in your project Arbitrary made a post covering both ways doing this.

Screen Navigation

In the case your app has more than one screen you need to get started with navigation. Since I figured out a clean way in flutter to handle routing (using some online tutorials) I recommend reading my post Flutter - Next Level Navigation - Basics.

First Project Ideas

If you’re new to flutter and now are dying to start your first project Muhammad Ali made a post with 15 ideas for your first project. The post contains 15 videos for different apps programmed using flutter to get started with. In this post he shows 7 fundamental flutter packages and describes their purposes.

Thats all, thanks for reading :) If you have a friend who wants to learn flutter just send him or her this post and noone can stop him joining the flutter community!

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